Care of the problematic feet – podology – means prophylaxis and treatment of foot’s skin defects and disorders of foot’s function. The changes in the colour, form or structure of nails or skin are usual signals about the changes in the organism that manifest health disorders. 

Even minor problems should get attention. It is necessary to take care of yourself and your feet!

The science of medicine has determined that a foot contains more than 70 thousand nerve endings responsible for functioning of different organs!

For example, the head’s zone is in the big toe. If a person experiences problems with deformation of the big toe’s nail or ingrown nails, this may cause headaches, weaken memory, attentiveness and concentration.

It is also very important to pay attention to the heel’s area, as it is related to the spine. Such problems as painful calluses, cracked feet, horny skin in the heel’s area may cause spinal pains.

If you encounter the aforementioned problems, you should refer to professionals. Having examined the damaged nails and feet, the experienced specialist may tell a lot about the organism’s disorders and even help to prevent a severe disease.

The foot care methods of Dr. Dieter Baumann are applied in our clinic.