The main benefit of massage is reduction of muscular and psychoemotional tension and stimulation of blood and lymph circulation. The massage accelerates functioning of sweat and fat glands, helps to put endocrinal and nervous systems in order. In the course of massage, the horny cells of epidermis are removed from the body’s surface, the skin breathes better, becomes smother and more elastic. Massage reduces fatigue, while healthy person gets fresher and eager to work. In case of disease, massage helps to elevate pain. Regular massage improves memory, attentiveness, concentration, strengthens nervous system, helps to maintain vitality, and induces longevity.

Massages are especially recommended for persons, who have a seated job, or are ill with spinal or articular, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive diseases, or for the ones, who feel fatigue. Fatigue is a subjective and gradually growing feeling. It may be mental, physical, chronic, temporary or acute. In case of temporary or acute fatigue, classical massage that reduces tension may help a person. Intensive full body massage improves condition, reduces pains, relaxes muscles, and improves blood circulation and supply of oxygen to tissues. At that time, the whole body gets relaxed and afterwards, bigger energy is felt.

If people want to start active sport life or are already intensive sportsmen, it is recommended to do them hygienic-classical massage that helps to relax the muscles and to activate blood circulation.

Massage is useful in case of muscular pains, strains, insomnia, fatigue, stress and nervous tension. The procedure has positive impact on human endocrinal system and balances the functioning of pituitary gland (hypophysis) and thyroid.

The massages done in our clinic:

1. Express massage is suitable for people who have little time, but want to give themselves several minutes of excellent rest and to get relaxed after work.

Impact of express massage:

  • relaxed muscles in the body;
  • soothing and positive impact on the entire organism;
  • reduced irritability;
  • reduced tension;
  • removed fatigue;
  • improved blood circulation.

Just 30 minutes and you are back to good mood and excellent condition!

2. Full body massage is a massage when the whole body is massaged. It is recommended for people, who work a lot, feel stress, irritability, also for active sportsmen and for people after traumas or surgeries.

Impact of this massage:

  • relaxed muscles;
  • reduced tension;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • activated lymph circulation;
  • reduced fatigue;
  • improved sleep quality.

You will feel rested and in much better mood after this massage. You will gain more self-confidence because a rested person is able to make decisions and work faster and calmer.

3. Massage of back and arms covers back, shoulders, neck and arms. It is intended for persons, who feel tension in the area of back and shoulders, have a seated job or big workloads during the day. It is a massage that does not simply relax, but also improves general self-feeling and:

  • relaxes muscles;
  • reduces tension;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • activates lymph circulation;
  • reduces fatigue;
  • improves sleep quality;

4. Massage of the lower body part is a massage needed for the ones, who have a standing job, feels tension in legs, feet and lumbar area.

Impact of this massage:

  • relaxed lower part of the body;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • activated lymph circulation;
  • reduced tension;
  • reduced fatigue;
  • improved sleep quality;

You will feel rested and light on foot after this massage.

5. Ritual “Between the Heaven and the Earth” with aromatherapy. It is a special massage done in our clinic and created for the person, who wants to feel complete relaxation, to find a joy of life, and to feel fulness of vital energy again. This massage unites several massage techniques and aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a use of vegetative essential oils as an additional health promotion method, the purpose of which is to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This ritual suits for persons, who:

  • are tired from daily routine;
  • are experiencing stress and tension and want to lose irritability;
  • are suffering from insomnia;
  • want to find new strength for active occupation;
  • want to feel life of joy again;
  • want to restore the balance between body and soul.

You will feel lightness of the body again after this massage. This ritual is a gift for yourself and holidays in one!

Massage may serve as an excellent health strengthening tool for a healthy person, while treatment or its complex part help the ill person to recover quicker.