Spend time with your loved one. Relax, experience body massages and therapies performed by professional massage specialists.

You will experience a high quality and deep rest.

The time spent in our special massage space will become the most precious and unforgettable!


1. "Between Earth and Sky” aromatherapy massage ritual for two:

During this massage several massage techniques and aromatherapy are combined. The essential oils are used to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The aromatherapy massage ritual “Between Earth and Heaven” is specially created by our clinic and we are sure that you will want to enjoy it again and again!

Duration - 1 hour 45 min.


2. “Unique relax program” for two:

This program includes: 1 h. full body classic massage for two + 35 min. rest and relaxation session for each with the neurosystem NeurOptimal® - the technology for strengthening the central nervous system.

Good mood and energy - guaranteed! This unique program can be found only in clinic “Vibramedica”.

Duration 1 hour 40 min.


3. “Oriental tale” - massage and sound therapy for a couple.

For him:

75 min. deep tissue massage

+30 min SHIATSU foot and hand massage

For her:

75 min. classic full body massage

+30 min SHIATSU face massage

The “ Oriental tale” ends with 15 min. Singing Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy for him and her.

Duration 2 h.


4. Full body classic or relaxing massages for two!

You can choose each massage that you like and have unforgettable moments together!

Duration 1 hour