About us

VIBRAMEDICA is a clinic of physical rehabilitation and health promotion.
The innovative technologies that are widely used in the world as individual methods of health promotion and treatment have been united into one single system in VibraMedica consisting of the diagnosing processes, treatment of pain and traumas, movement, strengthening of nervous system and training processes. If all these processes are applied as a complex, marvellous treatment results may be achieved, because a human organism is a harmonious system.

The modern diagnostic allows diagnosing health disorders or even minor changes in the organism much earlier than the disease symptoms are manifested. Our specialists look for the causes of symptoms and upon having identified them, provide you with all the necessary information about appropriate principles of healthy life style and introduce to new, effective and painless methods of health promotion and treatment applied in our clinic. The totality of these technologies will help you to recover natural balance of the whole organism and its separate systems.

The medicine of the future starts in clinic VibraMedica now already. Leave all the worries behind the clinic’s door and allow the specialists of VibraMedica to take care about your health.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!