Working Hours:
I - 12:00-20:00
II-V - 10:00-20:00
VI - 10:00-16:00

We have created what you’ve been looking for!

Our wellness clinic is open to everyone, who wants to be healthy, energetic, and to live without pain or medications. Here you may try the health promotion and treatment methods based on the latest technologies, enjoy pleasant environment, and excellent servicing. The foundation for qualitative and happy life is a harmonious functioning of the entire organism and good emotional condition.

Clinic VibraMedica – a step towards the medicine of the future!

- Consultation of rehabilitation physician;
- Doctor’s consultation;
- Computer diagnostics of health;
- Kinesitherapy;
- Physiotherapy (PAPIMI):
  • Therapy of acute and chronic pain
  • Post-trauma treatment
  • Post-surgical treatment (promotion of treatment processes)
  • Treatment of articular diseases
  • Anti-inflammatory treatment
- Remedial therapeutic massages;
- Immunity strengthening.
How long does the treatment last?
From 2 weeks up to 2 months, 2-4 times a week, according to individual programme. Price from €15.
- Doctor’s consultation;
- NeurOptimal therapy;
  • Strengthening of central nervous system
  • Improvement of attention, memory and concentration
  • Restoration of quality of sleep and rest
  • Therapies of fear, phobia and panic attacks
- Remedial therapeutic massages.
How long do the therapies last?
From 2 weeks up to 2 months, according to individual programme. In severe cases, the treatment may take longer. Intensity 1-3 times a week. Price from €25.
- Computer diagnostics of health, formation of health promotion plan (recommended twice a year);
- NeurOptimal therapy (2 courses 10 times a year each are recommended);
- Full body massages (2 courses 10 times a year each are recommended);
- Face massages and therapies (when needed);
- Foot care (recommended once a month. The complex cases are discussed individually).