Papimi® is the first and the safest method in the world that induces ion induction in cells. Papimi® restores the power of health to the organism that is necessary for recovery and preservation of health. This helps to return the body into the biologically younger state.

The cells absorb nutrients from blood and convert them into energy. If the cell is damaged or weakened, it cannot function properly. This may lead to dangerous changes – long-term health disorders and complications. That is when Papimi® therapy comes to help – it makes the weak cells stronger.

The purpose of Papimi® therapy is to increase a low potential of the membrane of damaged cells up to physiological level of 70 – 90 mV, hence activating the damaged cells. In other words, the normal state of cells is restored, when ions start moving again in the cell’s membrane. The cells receive additional energy and undertake their primary functions again. Therefore, this therapy is called an ion-induction therapy.

Advantages of Papimi® therapy:

  • Physical therapy of cells
  • Short therapeutic sessions
  • Painless treatment
  • High efficiency

Operation mechanism

The recurrent and very brief (approx. 50 μs duration) impulses are transmitted through the special application during Papimi® therapy, without any direct contact with the body. These impulses penetrate to the organisms, up to the depth of 20 cm. They affect damaged cells of the tissues, the potential of membrane whereof is usually smaller than 70 mV. The magnetic stimulation of cells is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The magnetic field is generated by a current impulse through the coil’s wire inside the applicator, hence causing movement of ions in the cell’s membrane. Thus, more electric channels of ions inside the cell’s membrane are opened (electroporation), and its permeability is improved. Metabolism and generation of mitochondria ATP are activated, the oxygen consumption in the cells increases, and the transmembrane potential grows up to normal of 70 – 90 mV; besides, the processes of proliferation, apoptosis (natural programmed death of cells) and regeneration are also stimulated. The speed of erythrocyte (red blood cells) movement increases, the oxygen transfer and oxygenation are improved, the elasticity of erythrocytes increases, their aggregation decreases, while microcirculation and oxidation processes in the tissues also improve. Therefore, the generic impact of the magnetic field is manifested by the following:

  1. widening of blood-vessels (vasodilation);
  2. anti-inflammatory effect;
  3. oedema-reducing impact;
  4. activation of healing processes;
  5. reduced tension in muscles;
  6. analgesic impact.



  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and exhaustion
  • Diseases of nervous system
  • Headache, migraine
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Pain of back and muscles
  • Arthritis and arthrosis
  • Sprain of tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • Bone fractures, muscle tears and other traumas of movement-support apparatus
  • Sport traumas
  • Post-surgical scars
  • Burns
  • Strengthening of immune system
  • Cold, sinusitis
  • Various inflammatory processes in the organism
  • Diseases of urogenital system
  • Beauty therapy



No special preparation is required for Papimi® therapy.

Doctor’s consultation

During Papimi® consultation, the doctor assesses the patient’s complaints, disease anamnesis, and objective examination data. In order to identify problematic areas of the organism and to assess general state of the patient more precisely, the doctor scans the whole body of the patient by Papimi® applicator. In the course of scanning, the body usually responds by pain to the electromagnetic impulses generated by Papimi®. When problematic areas in the organism are established, the individual plan of Papimi® therapy is formed. Its duration and number of sessions may differ with regard to each patient.

Performance of Papimi® therapy

Treatment by Papimi® device is painless. The patient has to lie down on a special couch. Depending on the individual plan made by the doctor, the nurse holds Papimi® applicator in the indicated position, above the place of the body, where the problem was encountered. If the patient feels pain, the applicator is withdrawn within such a distance that the patient would not feel pain. It is recommended to drink many liquids during and after the therapy.

Papimi® therapy is NOT allowed if:

  • the patient has an implanted cardiac pacemaker, cardioverter defibrillator, or insulin pump;
  • the patient has transplanted organs;
  • the patient has foreign bodies of circular structure in the organism;
  • the female patient is pregnant.

Papimi® therapy opens new possibilities to treat various disorders, so Papimi® devices are used in various medical areas in the entire world.

Papimi® may also be used to improve general condition. You will feel healthy and full of energy because of activated metabolism. Your body will treat itself.