Facial cleansing with ultrasound is an effective cleansing procedure performed using a device that emits ultrasound waves. During the procedure, the ultrasound selectively breaks down adipose tissue without damaging blood vessels, nerves, or other connective tissue structures. The main goals of the procedure are to unclog pores, tighten them, remove dead skin cells, promote skin regeneration processes, and lymph circulation.

Why is facial cleansing with ultrasound necessary?

During the procedure, capillary microcirculation is improved, skin immunity is increased, metabolism is activated, and tissue regeneration is stimulated. The ultrasound procedure activates oxidation-reduction processes, promotes collagen and elastin production, deeply moisturizes the skin, helps active elements penetrate deeper, and most importantly, removes sweat and sebum gland waste products: impurities, accumulated fats, comedones (blackheads), tightens pores, and evens out skin texture. After the procedure, a feeling of cleanliness and freshness is felt, and the skin becomes smoother and softer.

+ Price list
Ultrasonic facial cleansing
1 val. 15 min.
50 € Buy
Ultrasonic facial cleansing with serum application
1 val. 15 min.
60 € Buy


The procedure cannot be performed:

  • In the presence of skin rashes with wounds
  • In the case of a general infectious disease
  • Acute acne stage
  • During pregnancy
  • When suffering from diabetes (acute form)
  • Thrombosis
  • When suffering from heart or rheumatic diseases

Recommendations after ultrasound facial cleansing:

  • Avoid using a solarium, sauna, or sunbathing for at least a day
  • Do not otherwise traumatize the cleaned skin.


The procedure can be chosen by women and men of all ages who want to moisturize, clean, and beautify their skin preventively

Frequency of procedures: It is recommended to perform the procedure every 2-3 months for dry/normal skin and once a month for mixed/oily skin.

Skin type: The procedure and products are suitable for all skin types except sensitive/reactive skin.

Duration: 1 hour 15 min.