A unique relaxation and wellness program is designed to provide maximum strengthening of the central nervous system and deep relaxation in a short period of time, resulting in improved mood, deeper sleep at night, and an influx of energy during the day. These therapies are pleasant, relaxing, and do not require any special preparation.

During the program, the whole body is restored - from the physical cell level to the central nervous system.

The program consists of three therapies:

  1. Massage - the person is relieved of accumulated tension, stress, and fatigue.
  2. Neurotherapy NeurOptimal® - optimizes brain activity, strengthens the central nervous system, and brings inner peace.
  3. Cell regeneration: strengthens the immune system, improves lymph flow, restores energy.

Short and long programs are available.


Short program

60 min therapeutic massage

+ 33 min Neurotherapy NeurOptimal®

+ 6 min cell regeneration with magnetotherapy.


Long relaxation program

75 min therapeutic massage

+ 45 min Neurotherapy NeurOptimal®

+ 9 min cell regeneration with magnetotherapy.



Program for athletes

Quality relaxation and relaxation are necessary for constant athlete improvement. The specially designed program for athletes restores muscle condition, optimizes the central nervous system, and provides energy for new starts!

The program consists of:

- 1 hour sports full body massage

- Neurotherapy NeurOptimal®

Duration - 105 min.


Relaxing 80 min. wellness program

If You want a deep relax and to unwind then this program is just for you!

The program consists of:

- 45 min. relaxing body massage

- 35 min. Neuroptimal neurotraining