NeurOptimal® is an advanced neurotechnology intended to optimise brains and to induce their better functioning. Its direct interaction with the central nervous system (CNS) is substantiated mathematically. This technology is regarded as a tool of exclusively effective communication with human brains.

This innovative form of dynamic neuro-feedback is not a method of medical treatment. It is a training for brains. System NeurOptimal® interacts with human brains microsecond after microsecond and submits the information needed for their auto-transformation.

The NeurOptimal® sessions will help CNS to function more effectively. It is completely unimportant whether the person is endeavouring at changes on the physical, emotional or intellectual level. The brains are irreplaceable and they alone control all the functions of the organism. If at least one cause is to be eliminated, NeurOptimal® will help to achieve positive changes and life quality in many areas of human life.

NeurOptimal® system is:

  • user-friendly;
  • diagnostically agnostic;
  • of non-invasive effect;
  • 100% natural.

Your brains and NeurOptimal®

Encephalon (or brains) is a centre of CNS. It is a complex control centre responsible for control of all other body systems – physical, emotional and intellectual. The brains receive information from the body and the environment, process and save it and grant an opportunity to the person to respond adequately. The entire process is subconscious. This complex system may function smoothly because of a wide and perfectly regulated network of neurons, called CNS.

The human encephalon contains 15-33 billion neurons, each of which may form up to 100 000 synaptic connections, and the entire network is in the human head! The neurons in the network are communicating with the help of electrical signals. The signals may appear in individual neurons or in the groups of neurons, dynamically. These groups are oscillating in certain frequencies. The groups of neurons start pulsating almost magically around other groups, and the pulsation is reflected in electric changes registered on the scalp. Slight changes in the complex and interrelated system may change general view in the same way as a weak sound may cause a huge snow avalanche. The brains resemble a big network of pulsating neurons, while the electric impulses may ripple in diverse ways. Their formations may be identified from persistent changes in their electric activity and they may be measured on the surface of the scalp. Such fluctuations in voltage are very small, when compared with surrounding electromagnetic “ocean” that is formed from the electromagnetic fields of the electric network, radio waves, microwaves, waves generated by X-ray devices, and other types of electromagnetics.

Usually, such changes in voltage on the scalp’s surface are understood as “brain waves” and are illustrated by wiggles on the paper. The reality is much more complex, meaningful and richer that the definition “brain waves” may reflect. It is called a cortical activity in system NeurOptimal®.


Operation mechanism

NeurOptimal® brain training operates as a system of “detection and observation” of structural cortical changes. It imitates the human CNS communication and reflects the brains’ work that may result in their nonoptimal functioning.

NeurOptimal® system may be illustrated as a mirror of human brain. This neurotechnology helps the brain “to see” its real state. The human brain is neuroplastic and may correct is functioning if the necessary information is submitted. NeurOptimal® was created in such a way as to present information to the brain that is needed for its own correction. The changes in the brain’s work may be caused by sudden changes in the brain’s electric activity. NeurOptimal® detects such sudden changes and informs the brains thereof by interrupting the sound heard by a human. These pauses encourage human CNS to exit the non-optimal state. The natural autocorrection of the brains leads to their more effective and comfortable functioning. The result is manifested by reduced tension, better sleep quality and concentration. The person feels relieved and full of joy of life after NeurOptimal® sessions!



  • Stress, tension, nervous exhaustion
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Worrying before sport competition or other events
  • Disorders of attention concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Changing mood
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Fears, phobia
  • Depression
  • Frequent feeling of anger
  • Feeling of mistrust
  • Problems of communication in team
  • Hyperactivity
  • Coordination disorders
  • Addictions
  • Nutritional disorders
  • Headache, migraine
  • Temporary forgetting of words
  • Problems with memory
  • Senile dementia
  • Reading disorder
  • Speaking disorder
  • Learning problems
  • Behavioural problems at school
  • Writing of letters and numbers in reverse order
  • Disorders of spatial thinking
  • Loss of sequence of thoughts
  • Leaving of started tasks incomplete



No special preparation is required for NeurOptimal® sessions.

Doctor’s consultation

Before NeurOptimal® sessions are tried for the first time, the doctor’s consultation is needed. The doctor will get introduced to you and your problems, will tell you in detail about NeurOptimal® system and will answer all your questions. You will have to fill in a special questionnaire for surveillance of your condition. The consultation’s duration is 15-30 min.

NeurOptimal® sessions

The patient lies down on a couch. Special sensors are attached to the scalp (2 sensors) and ears (3 sensors). Then the headphones are put enabling the person to listen to the music. The system is turned on and the sound strength is selected according to each person. It is possible to enjoy music and rest during the session – the brain will do all the effective work itself.

You may choose from NeurOptimal® sessions of 33 minutes or 45 minutes.

How many NeurOptimal® sessions are needed?

Each person has a different central nervous system, so it is impossible to say beforehand, how each human brain will respond to the information submitted by NeurOptimal® system. This CNS training process may be equated to learning to read – everybody is learning at own speed. The number of sessions depends on the person’s goals. The first changes are felt after 10-12 sessions. Then it is possible to decide whether they are sufficient. If the person aims at long-term results, it is recommended to conduct 20-30 and more sessions. When NeurOptimal® training is started, its regularity plays a crucial role. It is recommended to have 1-2 sessions per week, depending on the intensity of troubling health problems. After completion of the course of NeurOptimal® sessions, it is possible to stop and to continue the training later, when needed. The impact of previous NeurOptimal® training on CNS will not disappear.

Various famous athletes from such sport clubs as Ski Suisse Olympique, AC Milan, Madrid Real, Chelsea and others, as well as individual athletes, such as world champion, ski jumper Simon Ammann, world champion, skier Hermann Maier, and others are undergoing NeurOptimal® sessions.