Papimi is the world’s first safe ion-based device. The energy generated by this device helps the body recover the health power needed for healing and maintaining health.

Traditional medicine is currently based on the chemical processes of living organisms, and therefore the symptoms are treated with chemicals. Greek scientist and mathematician prof. Dr. P.T. Pappas, in the result of his research, has developed a device that can eliminate the causes of cellular malfunction. According to this theory, the body recognizes an unhealthy cell and eliminates it or, through the energy generated by this device, heals such a cell.

PAPIMI is a common and comprehensive therapeutic procedure that is used for both mild and severe illnesses:

– Insomnia and migraine
– Chronic pain
– Chronic fatigue and exhaustion
– Arthritis and back pain
– Allergies and asthma
– Rehab
– Urology
– Neurology
– Burns
– Sport medicine and orthopedics
– Veterinary

The cell is the smallest, independent unit of the human body. In healthy environments, healthy cells absorb nutrients and transform them into human body energy. If the cell is damaged or weakened, it can not properly ensure the proper function of the body. This causes inflammation, chronic pain or other disorders. In other words, a person feels ill, suffers from fatigue. With such health problems, the unique in Lithuania PAPIMI® therapy can help. PAPIMI device strengthens the weakened cells of the body, restores their functions and removes damaged cells.

By scanning the body consistently with the PAPIMI® applicator, it is possible to detect and diagnose acute and aggravated pathologies. The patient himself senses the reaction of his body to ion induction. The body responds with a painful response to PAPIMI®-generated impulses, and thus shows where the problems are. The therapy itself is simple and painless, lasts from 3 to 30 minutes.

PAPIMI returns the body to a biologically younger state – this is evident in the increased number of blood cells observed in laboratory tests. That’s why PAPIMI devices are used worldwide in sports medicine and rehab, veterinary medicine, as well as in the treatment of neurological diseases and chronic infections.